Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Life is amazing ! I wish everybody loved life as much as I do ! ahhhhhhhhh. No more sad days no more negative days no more sick days (sorta) I want to be positive and always have a smile on my face.

 Anyways the LA office has yet to tell me any news about radiation so I wont even bother writing anymore about that until I know more information.  It's DECEMBER !! I love December ! Lots of yummy food and cookies and candy and warm drinks. I love turning my electric blanket on, drinking some tea and watching ELF.  16 MORE DAYS until my baby sister Anna, Ian, Gavin and Kamdin come here ! I miss them terribly. Anna's birthday is on Christmas mine is 3 days after. What should I do for my birthday? OH ANYWAYS so today I had my ENT appointment. My Dr. is super amazing. He always compliments something about me. My nose is almost 100% better. Just have to keep up with my nasal spray. It really does suck though that some days I can mostly taste things and some days I cant taste anything. I need to get my ring re-sized now because my fingers are losing weight. haha I hope everybody has an amazing holiday filled with lots of friends and family and happiness.