Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Life

Blog, I have  been neglecting you and I am super sorry. I'll recap the last couple of weeks. Headed down to Loma Linda about the proton radiation, I will find out later this week or next when I will be starting my treatment.Saturday was the BIG day. Wedding day. I want to say everything that day was perfect, but it wasn't. My biggest complaint about the whole day was the (almost)most important part, THE MUSIC !!! The DJ'S bored my crowed to death. I was so upset when we kept going to the booth to tell them to play the music I HAD TO DOWNLOAD AND BURN TO CD'S for them since they didn't have any of the music I wanted to listen to. So I took the time out of my schedule to do that to have fun music to dance to. SO to whoever attended and was bored by the music I am so sorry. I was so upset and when almost everyone left they started playing the good music, even then it still wasn't what I wanted to dance to. But whatever. Sergio and Stephanie Perez (the photographers) are amazing. I can't wait to see the pictures from the rehersal and the wedding !! My family helped me SO much with everything I needed along with my two best friends Candice and Darci. My 2nd parents Eric and Andrea Taylor were amazing and helped a bunch too !The groomsmen were so very handsome too and helped Jeremy out a lot. I was just very nervous, but very happy. Kamdin Gavin Talan and Mackenzie were so funny. I'll do a picture blog when I get the copies but until then I'll leave you with just a couple.. Bye Blog