Monday, July 11, 2011

Dear blog,
I have neglected you for a good 3 months and that's horrible.The last time I wrote to you I was still undergoing radiation.I graduated from that and have moved on with my life. I am still so appreciate of everybody who came to visit me while down there and the people who sent me stuff or e mailed, facebooked, skyped,text me. The day after I came home was Jeremy's birthday. It was a hard time recovering and still finding bald spots on my head but I made it. What is weird is that one of the effects from the radiation is UTI. I have never had one before so about a month and a half after I was home I started feeling weird like something wasn't right. Went to the dr they checked my urine and they said I indeed had a UTI. Took medicine for it and about a week and a half later I still had these symptoms. I felt a hard lump in my lower abs and thought to myself what the heck is that?! Am i dying? Do I have cervical cancer? I only thought that because I was watching Dr. Oz one day and they were talking about that and I thought I had the same symptoms. So I wanted to rule out pregnancy so Jeremy went and bought me a test and I took it and it immediately showed pregnant. I freaked out and took the other test that popped up pregnant right away. I started crying because I wasn't sure how to feel or if I was even pregnant or if it was the medicine I took or from the radiation. I was so confused. So the next day Jeremy took me to the Dr, where they indeed told me I was pregnant. I felt so overwhelmed and so shocked I was also so scared. They did an ultra sound and we found out I was 20 weeks along. How nobody didn't catch it I don't know. I was so scared to find out if she had any health issues from being inside me during radiation! I felt like such a horrible person for not knowing. The ultra sound came back perfect. There didn't appear to be anything wrong. BTW they told me that same day that it is a girl. So that made me happy :) I am considered a high risk pregnancy so I go to the Dr. almost every week to see how i'm doing. They refereed me to Sutter in Vacaville and I also have a specialist Dr. on Thursday to do an in depth ultra sound to make sure 100% that she doesn't have any birth defects or anything like that. So that's how life has been lately. crazy

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