Monday, November 15, 2010

Life in a nutshell

Almost a month later and I'm feeling excellent. I had a Dr. appointment last week at the radiation department in the cancer center of UCDavis. When I walked back with Jeremy I felt so sad. It's hard to see people in pain and suffering. I wanted to cry so bad but I held it together. I don't have cancer but they want to do radiation on me because my tumor WILL grow back if i don't have it done. As of right now I haven't heard from the center I will be going to, but the Dr's here estimate it will be a 7 week treatment in Loma Linda CA at the university. I don't know when I have to go but I know I have to go for them to meet me and see if I am a qualified candidate, which they already said I am. Then I would have to go back so they could make me my own personal mask of some sort.The treatment itself should only be about 45 minutes long monday-friday and I would be able to come home on the weekends. Now I'm worried about when I would have to start this process. December my baby sister, her husband and my 2 amazing nephews will be here from the 23-29th. I don't want to miss anytime with them. My birthday is on the 28th. February I get married on the 12th. I just feel like I wouldn't be here for the whole wedding ordeal. Getting last minute stuff and just depending on everyone else to help make this thing possible. But I have to focus on my health. I am thankful that they are sending me all the way to LA instead because if I couldn't , they would have to do chemotherapy on me but they said it wouldn't be effective enough.Anyways I'll just post the website to where I MIGHT(almost 100%) will be going.

I just want to thank everybody for checking up on me and keeping tabs to see how i'm doing. I really really really appreciate it SO much. <3  When I find out for SURE the whole story and the dates I will let you all know. until then live life to its fullest !


  1. Courtney, I love how you describe yourself in the About Me of this blog. I only met you that one time at Darci's party but really sense your love for life and everything it entails. Best wishes to you with your marriage and everything health related. Hope to see you again sometime! :)

  2. I'm so glad that this will all be over soon for you! The timing sucks, but you're getting better and that's the important thing! Get better soon bb!