Friday, January 14, 2011


Hi Blog, I am back.
So let me update you on how things have been lately. I could only describe things are GREAT. simply great. Last weekend Jeremy and myself moved to Dixon, I know I know it's only one town over but I simply cannot live away from my family. I'm very family oriented and that will never change. Anyways, we moved last week and it only took us the weekend to get everything situated and organized and now the place is perfect. I was going crazy for a couple days with no internet or cable, but I kept myself occupied. I've been cooking and cleaning every day/night and I really love it. Anybody can visit whenever they want ! The invite is always out there to come hang out. The phone service sucks if you have at&t though.That's the only thing that drives me crazy. I finally can burn my scentsy's !! My apartment is the best smelling apartment ever ! OK blog,I need to go and do something productive with myself right now, adios !
ok so i had to add that picture because I miss those two terrible right now and they are absolutely perfect <3


  1. Glad you like your apartment. Sorry you miss your family. I know the feeling. My parents, brother, and niece are in Virginia! Glad you're liking the Scentsy too and that it makes your apartment yummy smelling. Love the pic of the babies! They're precious. Maybe I will see you at Darci and Ashley's Scentsy party on the 30th. Until then, take care!

  2. YES !! I will be there for sure !! sorry I just read this comment :)