Monday, October 25, 2010

the longest weekend

I was a nervous wreck on friday morning. Thursday night Darci and Candice came over and we had pie and ice cream. It helped me a lot when they were there. Friday I was at the hospital at 5 am crying my eyes out every couple minutes. I got checked i don't even remember what they were telling me I was too nervous. I'm glad my mom and dad had Jeremy Andrea and my grandparents there. It helped them a lot. I remember going into the operating room and moving onto a different bed and then I was out. When I woke up I just had a bad neck pain and my throat hurt. My eyes were so blurry and eventually I couldnt even keep them open they were burning so bad. I had to get an MRI and CT scan . I loved seeing Andrea and my grandma and papa and my mom and dad. It's so horrible sleeping in a hospital. Worse sleep ever. poor Jeremy was a trooper and stayed with me through the nights. Saturday I had a lot of visitors ! thank you to tandy darci chris dijon grandma papa andrea and eric. I was so tired so I wasn't really too talkative. I appreciate all the support. Sunday morning they took my stuffing out of my nose .. weirdest feeling i have experienced. I got discharged from the hospital around 3 pm took a shower which was much needed and laid down on the couch and went to bed around 8. Today I feel good except a headache sore jaw and sore throat  my eyes are really blurry now but he said that will be like that for a while. A couple minutes ago I got a delivery from Jenna !! I was so happy when I saw it. I love edible arrangements. Fruit is the only thing I can really eat and feel full. Now I just need to take it easy and relax. I'll probably update in a few days but thank you to everyone for your encouragement and prayers. it helped me sooo much. I love you all :)

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